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There are tons of systems out there trying to improve business processes of utility companies in general or electric companies in specific.

The key is still doing the re-engineering process well and the application system will just a tool to follow the processes. I put some of my thoughts about Electric Management System in this blog. Feel free to read and comment.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Validation during Data Gathering: Meter Duplicate

Before implementing Customer Management System, Data gathering is often used to improve the quality of data that will be used by new billing system.

One of the entity to be improved is Meter information. During data gathering, the meter number should be checked if there are duplicate meters. Ideally, a manufacturer or a utility company will NOT allow meter number duplicate among same brand and type. Thus, the meter duplicate should be checked by using Meter Brand + Meter Type or Model + Meter Number.

Any duplicate meters should be rechecked because most of the time, it is a mistake of surveyors. A list containing two or more meters that are duplicated should be given to a surveyor or supervisors to be checked in the field. This task is recommended to be be done daily by supervisors while he/she is doing the audit to surveyors.

Ensuring no duplicate meters will improve the performance of Customer Management System since it will enable the billing system to search customer by using meter number. Other benefit is that it will enable the company to do good inventory of the meters.

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