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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hotel Management for Project Managers

One thing that the project managers often do is to travel. Either to attend the business meeting or visit the sites. If you are in a big multinational companies, most likely you do not need to do the hassle to book and look for a place to stay because all have been arranged by your administration personnel.

However, some of project managers do not have this luxury. I, for example, am often asked where I want to stay when I am traveling. To some extend, this is good because I can choose the hotel and location to stay. The company gives me an idea of the budget and I am free to book my hotel.

There are many services in the internet that can help you research, but I like to use Hotel Reservations

I just need to spend 5 minutes to ask myself the following questions before booking:

1. Do I travel to a place that I never visited? If Yes, I try to look a strategic place of the hotel that let me wander around easily after business meeting. If Not, I try to look for farther place quite but good facilities. Usually, farther place offer you a cheaper price with better facilities.

2. Do I have hectic schedule for a meeting in the place I visited? The same strategy I will decide like number 1.

3. Am I going to treat some business partners? If Yes, I try to look for a prestige hotel so that I can treat them with hotel facilities like bars and restaurant. If Not, it is better to look for hotel with more personal facilities like swimming pool, good bathtub inside, etc.

You can add some more criteria if you like, but in general I used those criteria above. Once I have an idea in mind, I search what I want in Hotel Reservations. Most of the time it offers me a good price compared if I need to contact directly the hotel. The available searching criteria gives me better options to choose. The description of hotels is accurate for me to select the one I wanted. Try to not look back to your decision once you book the hotel otherwise you will spend hours and hours wasting your time thinking if you have made the right decision.

This kind of technique only takes me 15 minutes and I can have a business travel at the same time enjoying my stay.

Well, personally I also used Hotel Reservations to book my holidays because it offers a good price and promo and discounted resorts around the world.

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