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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Data Gathering Preparation: Defining Working Zones/Lots and Assignment of Lots

Prior to the start of field campaign, DG (Data Gatheritn) Project Managers together with the Sub-department Manager will define the location of DGC (Data Gathering Center) in the sub-department where field campaigns will be carried out. This definition will be based on the most effective distances that should be traveled from DGC to location of campaign execution and the availability of room with proper facilities for setting up DGCs.

Once DGC has been set-up, DGC Head and Reading Supervisor will proceed to organize of the data using current route-itinerary sequence with the use of DGMS (Data Gathering Management System). If certain BW (Billing Window/System) has good reference number that contains the sequence of route-itinerary, they can continue with creating of lots. However, if the reference numbers are not reliable, DGC Head and Reading Supervisor should organize the data using their current reading/book card.

The sequenced data will then be broken into lots (creation of lots) that should be gathered by surveyors. This will serve as working zones for surveyors.

Note: A lot is the group of services that are expected can be captured by a team of surveyors in one day. A lot for example, can be a fraction of an actual route-itinerary. By default the number of services in a lot is 30 for rural area and 60 for urban area. However, these numbers are subject to change by DGC Head and reading supervisor for each BW.

All services that will be gathered should be included in the lot. Lot number will be generated automatically by DGMS when creation of lot is done.

The number of gathered services per lot will be used to measure the performance of the performance of DGC as well as surveyors’ performance.

Once the lots are created, the list of lots can be printed using DGMS to have an overview about number of lots for certain BW. This can help DGC Head to analyze whether field campaign could finish on-time based on the number of surveyors available for selected BW.

DGC Head and reading supervisor will assign the lots to surveyors and put the scheduled dates to be carried out. Assignment module of DGMS will be utilized for this process.

Assignment of lots should consider the location of each lot to DGC for effective dispatch of teams.

Note: If there are services that currently certain BW is not reading because they believe it should be passed to another BW based on location, these services should be gathered by BW where the data is currently located. Even if it means that the surveyors have to cross border BW coverage area to gather those information.

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