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Friday, May 18, 2007

Gathering Meter Infomation

Meter (Submeter) it is the important entity to be gathered and it applies for the services previously reported as legal and founded as metered service at the moment of the visit.

All the meters (or submeters) will be gathered related to a service. A supporting document will show the meter information available in the current system. However, surveyor should report the meter information in the field. Field information is considered to be more updated and correct information compared to the data in the system.

Note: The surveyors will report the information of meters and/or submeters in the cases when they have access to meter location. Each service can have one or more meters and in turn a meter can to have one or more submeters.

When a surveyor find more than one meters in the meter chamber, the capture of the information is recommended starting from right to left and from top to bottom (for Arabic speaking countries). Refer to figure for example of capturing sequence.

This order in gathering sequence will be used for reading sequence in the future.
Note: Surveyor has to consider the reporting order of meters in a meter chamber to be the order of reporting services as well.

Similar to gathering service information, knowledge of technician is important when gathering meter information to ensure the correctness of information. Surveyor should be familiar with different cases that could happen on meter information and its technical information.

It is of extremely important that the surveyors know the relation between service and its meters. Included here are the types of meters that are measuring the service. Knowledge of technician could be used to identify different scenarios that they could encounter (more than one meter, meter and sub-meter relation, more than one type of meter – active/reactive meters).

During field gathering, surveyors will have meter catalogue preloaded in his HHU. This meter catalogue is available with pictures to help surveyors identify the correct meter information during gathering. Once surveyor identifies the brand and model of the meter, they need to input information of meter number and its status.

When the meter to be gathered is not available in meter catalog, surveyors have to report the complete information of these meters.

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