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Monday, May 14, 2007

DG Cut Over Procedure

During data gathering process, it is not advisable to have changes in field data nor BW data. Changes of data could impact the accuracy of data gathered during the field.

In exceptional cases, changes of data are unavoidable due to new contracts and meter exchange for broken meters. These changes should be recorded in separate procedures so that DG team can report the changes to CSS project for further actions.

This data gathering cut over procedure document is to describe the procedures that should be followed when there are new contracts, contract modifications, contract terminations, and meter exchange during field data gathering.


• Account: defines the financial relationship between the Company and the Customer that is: which services are grouped to be paid together, who pays the invoices and how (method of payment).
• Customer: is an individual or corporate entity who has a relationship with the Company as a Contract Holder, as Payer or as Owner of the property.
• Service: defines the service being offered by the Company to the Customer (usually bounded by a service contract between the Company and the Customer).
• “Large Customer”: services currently managed in the Large Customers Divisions in Company at the level of Region. In this classification are included services with low power contracted (small services).
• “Small Customers”: services currently managed in the Small Customer Divisions (Billing Windows) under Service Bureaus.
• Data Gathering Management System (DGMS): Data Gathering system to be installed at each Data Gathering Center (per sub-deparment) to accommodate Data Gathering Process.
• Billing Window (BW): Current Company billing window that handles most of commercial activities.

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