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Friday, April 20, 2007

GPS Coordinates of a Property

For each of the properties encountered on the field, the surveyor must identify its Global Position System Coordinates. Each Property Data Gathering surveyor will be provided with a GPS attachment for his handheld. In addition, there will be one GPS Base Unit which will be used in post gathering processes to adjust the coordinates gathered in each handheld.

The GPS Base Unit will be installed in the Local Worksite and shall be switched on before the first team leaves for fieldwork.

The GPS units provided require a 5 minute "warm up" period each time it is turned on. It is recommended that the surveyor maintain the unit on for extended periods of time to minimize warming up periods.

Once the GPS unit is receiving coordinates properly, the surveyor must position himself in front of the main entrance of the property to get the coordinates and store the information on the DGMA.

Should the property have more than one main entrance, the Surveyor must position himself in front of the entrance facing the actual street address of the property. If the main entrance is too wide or would be too busy to be standing in the middle and blocking passing pedestrians and vehicles, the surveyor must go to the right side of the main entrance, still outside of the property.

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